What If You Could Stop Searching For All The Tips And Tricks In Favor of A Safe, Immediate Approach That Uses Your Anxiety For Good...

...So It Doesn’t Feel Like A House Of Cards May Fall At Any Moment, And You Can Actually Use The Unstoppable Power Of Anxiety As Your Ally To Keep Your Business Growing And Live Life Again With Ease And Joy. 

Especially now. 

You built a business and life that you know leaves a positive imprint in the world. Sharing your zone of genius that feels ah-mazing. 

You know what you love to do and what you’re great at…

…but when it comes to running your business and your busy life, instead of feeling you have most things managed and feeling accomplished, you often feel anxious, overwhelmed and so very, very tired…

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What if your anxiety was there to support you, be your messenger, and give you more ease and feeling of “I got this!”

WITHOUT ever having to feel stuck when you feel anxious and overwhelmed again?

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You’ve signed up for every personal development seminar that comes up in your newsfeed because your anxiety is through the roof about your business and life…it used to just be one or the other. 

On the outside you look cool as a cucumber. But you feel so tired trying to manage and keep it up because of how you feel inside. 

Before you could just keep it to yourself and manage. Now you have insomnia, wake up to a racing heart, daily headaches, irritable with everyone, and the mommy-guilt is real as you snap at your kids once again. 

You keep promising one day to give yourself permission to make decisions without feeling angst because you KNOW the right thing to do. But the angst keeps you stuck.   

Every time you sit down to focus and run the day to day activities of your business or life, you end up spinning in your mind about all the to-do’s but never feeling you accomplish anything, so all you focus on is your anxiety.  

Over time, you no longer trust your own self, rather you only trust your anxiety. But you know you have to step back in order to step forward.

Imagine feeling rested and ready to start your day when you open your eyes from a restorative sleep.

How it would feel to turn worry and stress into feeling full of gratitude and inspiration.  

Having more peace of mind daily that you no longer are on the anxiety roller coaster. 

Having more trust in your true self, your soul’s desire and that your anxiety is your ally.

Having more space for thriving in business and life as you personally grow.  


While other programs give you possible ideas, tips, advice to try and maybe even strategies…

…I’ll teach you how to go deeper and get to the core of YOUR anxiety cycle and how it can be used as a tool in your life that supports your business leadership, with the mindset and framework that will give you true freedom to grow yourself…and others.

Using science & soul to shift your anxiety immediately…because, well, we are all human! Yes!

A 3 Step framework easily personalized to YOUR anxiety cycle. Yes!

Learn discernment about all physical symptoms and the message your body is trying to convey. Yes!

Believing more and more you are not alone and deserve and GET the support you need and want. Yes!

More spaciousness with ease and joy to do the work and live the life you love. Yes please!

Client Testimonials

"I really appreciate how comfortable and confident you appear on video.  It feels like you have a lot of experience which is why you appear confident, and this makes me feel confident as a participant in your course.  You have a very calm, caring and relatable demeanor which makes me look forward to more, and makes me want to participate in the community component of the course.  

I think the content in the first videos was in-depth, but not overwhelming.  I also felt like I got a good feel for what to expect in the upcoming pieces of the course.

The worksheet questions were good.  I think it was just enough to make me stop and really think, but not so much that I didn't want to complete it.

I love the tree graphic, it's strong and peaceful.

And I love the phrase "Science & Soul to Grow Your Business & Life".  It's short, but descriptive.  I like that it appeals to both logic (science) and the more nebulous (soul) and that it talks about growing both your business and life TOGETHER, not separate.  This is really appealing for me as someone with my own business." Katy- course participant


A 3-month program to create connection with your anxiety and have a business and life you love.


Course Overview

12-week program with six training modules

Weekly Live Q&A in private online community

Beautifully designed fillable notebook to follow training content

Carefully prepared Reflection Questions & Action Steps for each Module to reinforce learning

Guided Imagery recordings to deepen the experiential learning and facilitate neuron pathway growth which activates and creates a connection to your anxiety


Bonus 1:   Digital copy of my book “Bad Apples: How to Feel Good Even When Rotten Things Happen”

Bonus 2:   90 Day fillable planner to track progress as you build new neuron pathways and track using anxiety as your ally! 

Bonus 3:   Special rate $250 for one 1:1 consultation to help you identify the hot spots, patterns, and themes where your anxiety shows up most. Think of this as course-correction for you to shift and get back on track if you are feeling stuck and want more individual guidance. 

Aloha! Nice to meet you!

For over a decade, I worked as a trauma nurse in emergency rooms and was the director of the Hawaii air ambulance flight program for eight of those years. During this tenure, I discovered and became fascinated with forensic nursing which included processing criminal evidence within the medical setting. Always having followed my soul’s desire, I completed my forensic nursing certification which led to a deeper interest in the forensic psychology aspects of criminal behavior.
Lisa Hartwell
Following many guideposts, it made sense to enroll in graduate school. This wasn’t because I had some desire to be a forever student. Far from it. I LOVED my work as a nurse. I loved the financial and scheduling freedom to travel around the world. It was the pursuit of what my heart and mind always wanted. Answers. To the bigger life questions. Life. Death. Why. When. What. But answers only created more questions. This took me awhile to accept. Specializing in anxiety and forensic psychology taught me what it means to unhook from a tough situation and be present at the same time. I learned the combination of being skilled, backed by science, and being a compassionate, soul-filled human. And that connections, human connections, involve growth. And this growth creates anxiety. And sometimes it’s hard. Really hard. To navigate. When I took part of my business online, I brought together the systems of combining science and soul to grow ourselves, especially when anxiety is present and seems to keep people stuck. I published my book “Bad Apples” back in 2014 as a foundational “orchard” metaphor to be used as a guide to help understand how important connection to ourselves is primary and foremost before we commit to connection and growth in others. And yet, we need community connection to make that happen. That’s why we’ll go so much deeper than learning the skills to manage your anxiety in business and life. This program was designed with you in mind, to help you create more ease and joy and space in your day to day activities, especially during the days when it all seems so hard and anxiety seems to consume your day. You are going to feel the difference of how to focus on what needs to be done, make time for more play, and the deeper mindset will help you embrace and embody this approach that will become your new norm as you evolve in your life.

HERE’S WHAT we’ll cover:

  • Module 1: Is Anxiety Your Enemy?

    Anxiety is NOT your fault. You will learn why, how it shows up for YOU, why you certainly are not alone. We will cover the common ground how we define anxiety for the purposes of this course. And the importance of defining anxiety specifically for YOU. This first step is important to know for yourself as it such an individual experience. No such thing as one-size fits all approach here!

  • Module 2: Are You Wired to Worry?

    The balance and inherent “goal” of all life is growth. You can’t stop it. And yet, anxiety makes us feel like it keeps us “stuck”. It becomes about the symptoms you feel and NOT about the inherent patterns that are imprinted and telling your life story. The best approach is to not take an extreme view on one side or the other. But a balanced approach between Science & Soul. Science is about growth and development. Soul is your essence and the stillness of being. Nature does this SO well. Here you will begin your experiential journey through guided imagery to relax and support your bigger vision.

  • Module 3: Winning the War-Together!

    We are moving away from Anxiety is the enemy, and rather, we are going to JOIN with it---together! In order to do that, we need to shift that responsibility to actual rewiring of your beautiful brain. This shift in perspective is similar to what it is like to learn any new skill, such as a new language, a sport, painting or writing…or…in my world….communicating! We are essentially learning the HOW and why you CAN change what your brain has wired you to do, think, feel automatically. It’s ALL it knows! And WE need to work together to teach it a new way of responding.

  • Module 4: Let’s Make Anxiety Your Ally!

    In this three-step process, we start with Step 1, Anchor. This is where you always want to start and feel connected and strong as you venture out to learn on this journey. It is important to visualize this as you get to know yourself in relation to the bigger picture as you feel grounded, solid, and anchored. With knowledge, why anxiety is something we all have, and the empowerment that even though it’s a brain thing, you can shift how you relate to it and use it as your ally in your life.

  • Module 5: Aligning Forces to Lift You Up and Grow You!

    In this Step 2, Align, we look at how anxiety serves as your messenger and helps to make meaning both in the moment and patterns in your life. Anxiety messaging needs CONTEXT to make sense, of situations, of you, and of your world. Then and only then can it settle down and return to baseline where it is “ready to protect you when it needs to.” Here we explore how each of your developmental “branches” represents a specific area in your life that contributes to your ongoing growth.

  • Module 6: How to Use Your Anxiety to Be Bold, Daring, and Courageous!

    In Step 3, Apply, is all about the final step of TRULY embodied core growth and weathering ongoing change with ease and grace. And Peace. And Thriving. This is an important last step because you now commit to ONGOING growth that you realize is about the skills building of your neuron pathways. It is an important step because you can now have a baseline of EXCITEMENT TO LEARN about self-growth and to no longer fear, avoid or focus on anxiety.

Each of these Modules, leads to a new connection and a new relationship with your anxiety...

...When it taps you on your shoulder,

           you pay attention, 

                 as it is your ally, 

                        it has meaning, 

                               and wants to help you grow.

Growing each other...

"I am SO SO grateful for what you've offered me..." T&N-retreat participants

I'm literally crying right now.  Your work is exactly what I needed right now.  I've been struggling, and what you offer me is not only that things are going to be ok, but that perhaps my struggles are just signs that I'm ready to grow, and that my struggles aren't something to be viewed as me failing or needing to quit.  It's that I'm just ready to learn new lessons AND that I can actually do that the same way I learn any other skill.  What an incredible gift!

You might not believe this is possible for you….

…but you get to choose what kind of life you get to live: the joy, ease, peace, and potential to thrive are all available to you right now.

It’s a matter of knowing you deserve life to also have ease and grace and abundance, even when it is and feels rotten sometimes. It is also a matter of taking the aligned actions that are right for you. If you’re ready to step into the unstoppable power of your anxiety, I’ll guide you there. Ready to connect?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if you have any questions at all...

  • My anxiety and schedule is out of my control and I feel like I constantly need to catch up. How will I be able to do this program and manage myself and my business and life?

    This program is about giving you the framework to notice and use anxiety when it seems to overwhelm you in your business or life. This can look like assessing where you are at in your business and life, maybe getting yourself more organized with systems or support, or even figuring out what you can control and things you cannot control. The program is designed for quick wins as you implement the learn-do-support model of learning. You have the support for three months so you can take your time to integrate the steps and get the support you need from myself and your community.

  • Can I really learn to use anxiety as my ally? I’ve always been taught to get rid of my anxiety with exercise, medication or distraction methods. I don’t want to think about my anxiety every day, especially now!

    That is exactly why I created this program. It was built after working with hundreds of clients through the years with all kinds of reasons for their anxiety and overwhelm. I noticed they too started with the skills intervention FIRST and my method flips this process upside down and we start with knowledge, mindset shift and embracing the concept with skills learned along the way. This group program is still personalized to what YOU need for YOUR anxiety. What works for one person is not necessarily what works for everyone.

  • I am on medication and seeing a therapist individually. Will this program conflict with that?

    This program is designed only for those individuals who are able to participate in a group with healthy contribution and collaboration, and who are generally functioning in their lives. Such as, you are still able to work, take care of your family, run a business. This program is best suited for those who know they have anxiety and that it gets them stuck with feeling overwhelmed, making tough decisions, procrastination, feeling isolated in business, etc. I always of course encourage those who feel they need adjunctive therapy and/or medication, to speak to their own physician, as these topics will not be discussed in this program. Individual therapy and medication is sometimes a fantastic addition so that you can commit and focus implementing what you learn in this program. And you may be better able to receive the support provided by myself and the community.

  • What if I find out this program isn't right for me?

    We have a strict no refund policy, so please reach out to us at [email protected] before investing to make sure it’s the right program for you.

  • Please see the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy noted in the Footer